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Strap tension and sealing time can be adjusted at the touch of a button. The tool comes complete with a charger and two batteries. Service and spare parts are available. Incorporates the latest in strapping technology. 
  • Strapping machine
  • 12-16MM
  • 2pc set


1)  Lay tool with the red Ball up and the tool pointing away from the operator, parallel to the intended travel of the strap.

2) Note the two machined clamps on the square bar, one movable, one fixed. The fixed holds two silvered levers.

3) The outer lever swings a black clamp to hold the strap at the start of the process. At the end of the wrap, the rear lever operates the cutter that severs the roll of strapping from the piece on the package once it is tightened and clamped. See step 11. 

4) Feed the strapping around the items to be strapped, travelling downwards under the items and back up to the red ball end. 

5) The square chrome base bar has teeth on a track that the Red Handle mechanism can move along using a geared wheel that lifts to engage the track. Moving the Red Ball to the rear makes a chromed lever raise a black grabber ‘dog’ on the left side to slide the strapping under.

6) Moving the Red Ball lever forward makes the black geared wheel travel away from the Operator along the chromed base bar thus pulling the strap tight. 

7) The travelling mechanism has two black ‘dogs’, one at the top on a hinge that can be pushed in to release the gear from the chrome base bar, and another at the bottom that needs to be pulled back when the operator wants to reposition the mechanism.

8) Back pressure on the red Handle lifts the spring clamp that holds the strapping in place on a ‘shoe’ plate. The strapping slides in from the left.

9) The strap with its outer end pointing back, feeds away from the operator. About 9 mm (or 3 ½ inches) should be allowed. Wrap the parcel with the strap coming back to the rear clamp. It will pass over the front end of the strap.

10) Feed the front end of the strap through a metal clamp that will be pressure crimped (with a separate tool, like giant pliers) to hold both ends of the strap. 

11) Slide the strap through the front mechanism that has a barrel black cutter offset to slice it from the inventory roll.

12) Pull the cut end back enough to feed it through the clamp and beyond. 

13) Position the long handle clamp tool over the clamp and if you are sure of the tension on the strap, squeeze it tight. 

14) Slide the tightened strap out from the mechanism’s ‘shoes’. See steps 3 and 5.

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